Smooth onset of vowel sounds

If you’re struggling with using a forward voice (does your voice feel stuck in your throat? Do you feel like you swallow your words?) then try this quick tip to help practice that lovely, free, smooth open vowel sound…

First, try drilling the ‘H’ sound:

H     H     H     H

HH     HH    HH     H

HHH     HHH     HHH     H

HHHH     HHHH     HHHH     H

…use loads of breath to help make the sound forward and avoid tension in your throat.


Next, add a simple /ah/ sound. Just like at the dentist, the sound in car / fast / mark / castle is a free and open sound….

H/ah/     H/ah/     H/ah/    H/ah/

Does the /ah/ sound feel free and open? Is it following the ‘h’ out of your mouth in an easy fashion? Good!

Try a few other vowel sounds, not too many, just get used to this exercise before you move on…

H/oh/      H/ooooh/   H/ey/   H/aw/

Good luck and let me know how you get on!


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