Looking for some listening inspiration to practice your vowel sounds? Try this lot – my top 10!


  1. Rosamund Pike – check out this interview to hear her beautiful tone of voice. So rounded and easy to listen to. https://youtu.be/CiWhU_MoblM
  1. Colin Firth here on Radio 1 https://youtu.be/QLficDnyvlg you can watch how his mouth moves in quite a limited way, but he still manages to round the vowel sounds – watch his top lip – it’s quite still!
  1. Elizabeth Bennett, sorry, Jennifer Ehle. https://youtu.be/fMt1Fu7-Pp4 such a jewel in this production, controlled and clipped sounds made the character so watchable and believable.
  2. Judi Dench https://youtu.be/NI3MWLRsu2g such a mischievous character in this clip. Notice how light her voice sounds, because she is smiling throughout.
  3. Emma Thompson, here in Much Ado, https://youtu.be/zl0lBHti99A projects her voice over the party without shouting or straining, by opening her mouth a little wider. I adore hearing her speak!
  4. Kenneth Brannagh – couldn’t miss out Kenneth! Here he talks about Hamlet https://youtu.be/sGX_qtZFtGc and just listen to his inflection- just chatting away but he manages to put so much energy into it.
  5. Alan Rickman – https://youtu.be/GorPPLfJ7s0 this is the only voice on the list that I’d outwardly call ‘sexy’. That restrain and control are just divine.
  6. David Attenborough. You can hear the passion and the knowledge in every word he says! https://youtu.be/paSTsGimYZg
  7. https://youtu.be/MCx6MYd_qLk is Moira Stuart, with those velvety sounds, I could listen to her all day! Would I Lie To You – one of my favourite panel shows.
  8. Joseph Fiennes, https://youtu.be/7GmtvQSBH8w here talking about a recent film, award-winning, beautifully spoken, lovely long vowel sounds, quiet tone. Such a pleasure.

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