Tongue Twisters

Tongue Twisters!

I love tongue twisters. I mean, I absolutely love them. I do them with and for my children, until we dissolve in a puddle of giggles on the floor. I do them with all of my students, from the oldest to the youngest. I love them.

The great thing is that you’re learning while you’re doing them. You’re twisting and turning that mouth around, thinking about how the words feel in your mouth, thinking inadvertently about the spelling and how it relates to the movements, thinking about speed, delivery, pace, and laughing laughing laughing the whole time.

If we laugh while we’re learning, we learn better. I think. I remember CDT with Mr Taylor, who was funny. Really funny. I remember him teaching me about tools and wood and him fixing my violin and being funny.

Try some tongue twisters today!